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Branding Efforts

 Azabu University has previously marketed the concept of “planetwide symbiotic systems” with each faculty member working on research in their field of expertise. In this project, by specializing in “the science of human-animal symbiosis” and creating a collaborative platform for this theme, we will prepare a shareable environment in which many faculty members can develop research from a common basis of biodata. Specifically, we are conducting open recruitment for a research team to bridge the gap between departments that can achieve the project goals, with close collaboration between the Department of Veterinary Medicine, which centers on zoology and animal medicine, and the Department of Life and Environmental Science, studying human health. With our characteristic research activities as a foundation, Developing a Science of Human-Animal Symbiosis to Realize a Healthy Human Society is a highly brandable project that can be executed only at Azabu University.

 Developing these research activities will not only advance the brand of our university’s research but will contribute to the realization of a healthy human society based on a unique, vast research foundation. Further, by establishing the research brand set forth in this project, we expect that Azabu University will come to be recognized as “a university that researches the effects of human-animal symbiosis, learning from both classroom and practical science, with the intention of realizing a better human society.” This truly embodies the “research based on scientific principles” that has been the spirit of Azabu University since its founding.

 Not only will the results of this project be presented in a thesis, but we will strive for a structure that continuously and earnestly publicizes that this university is constantly in dynamic motion by actively using the university website, SNS, and press releases and which allows continued exchange and collaboration with researchers in other countries even after the study period and completion of the project. Further, we will host a Presentation of Research Results Assembly each year with the aim of research exchange and collaboration both within and outside of the university for collaborating researchers in Japan and each research team. The details of these international symposia and Presentation of Research Results Assemblies will be announced through the abovementioned methods of communication (university website, SNS, press releases, Journal of Azabu University, etc.). Furthermore, we have reached success by consulting with outside enterprises that have previously worked extensively on collaborative research.

 In the field of human-animal symbiosis, the One Health Initiative proposes basic concepts of “animal health” and “the importance of sustaining the environment.” In other words, starting from the recognition that we cannot ignore any form of health, including human society, this initiative is an attempt to maintain and promote various types of health by establishing tightly knit cooperative relationships between those responsible for each health-related discipline. There is no doubt that the success of this branding project will have a major effect on “planetwide symbiotic systems,” the main theme of our university’s studies, which is based on the One Health concept.